Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New style...short short short!!!

Last month, I had a bad skunk stripe.  

After this picture was taken, I decided that I needed to do something different with my hair.

I went to my hairdresser with a picture of what I thought I wanted.  I really tried to be happy with it, but I wasn't. Three days later I went for a visit to California to see my son and grandson and my brothers.  At the end of a visit with my oldest older brother, he made a comment about my hair.  You see, my brother used to be a hairdresser in the heyday "Shampoo" (think Warren Beatty, 1975) days.  Anyway, his leaving comment to me was, "It looks like shit."  It really hurt my feelings.  He thinks that I should color my hair.  My brother really needs to censor his comments.

So, with his words in my head, I took a good long look at my hair and decided that I had to do something because the colored hair is getting brassy and just not looking good.  I still didn't want to color it though.  

My son's friend (here in California) is a hair stylist and he said she was really good, so off I went to see her this past Monday. 

I showed her some pictures, but basically said to do what she thought would look good.  She blew it out when she was done.  

The gray really shines when it's straight...

This is the curly version, but I'm still learning.  I've not had short hair since 1998.  The grey isn't as apparent wearing it this way. 

here's the back...

I'm still getting used to it and at times really miss my long hair.  It was only six months ago that I had it long.  This was me in June after I last colored my hair. 

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  1. I love the new 'do'...WOW....Looks GREAT!
    Debbie Hennessy