Monday, June 27, 2011

New Haircut

I decided over the weekend that I wanted my hair cut.  Not a trim, a cut. But, it was Sunday and my stylist doesn't work on Sundays.  I had to wait.  After lunch today, I got the haircut bug again and made my appointment.  I really didn't know exactly what I wanted, but I wanted something a little more drastic than my usual.  My roots are growing in and, according to my stylist, where the gray is the most is about 50% gray.  Other areas, less and in some areas, much less.  I have no idea what mix of color it will turn out to be, but I'm excited about it.  I cut my hair because I know that the dark ends will need cutting sooner than later.  That, and I was really ready for a change, but the gray isn't changing me fast enough!  I needed an instant change.  I couldn't change my color, so it had to be the cut

Here's me at the start...

Tammy was conservative at first and only took four inches and then fluffed it up some so I could see where it would be curly.  I asked for another inch...then another.  Here's the wet version..

You can really see the gray there in my part now!!

My husband tells me my new cut is "sassy!"  He loves it.

Here's the cut now completely dry now...I'm loving it!!!

My gray today...I love that it's white like my mom's was.  I'm also happy that the last color I did matches the darker natural color.

till next time....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finishing up my second week

My gray still isn't that noticeable yet.  It's been about a month...give or take a week since I last dyed my hair.  I'm going to say...May 6....that as good a date as any other.
I find myself noticing all the women and men for that matter at are gray.  I want to ask them about their transitions.  There was young 30ish woman in the elevator at work with a lot of gray...more on the salt then the pepper.  She looked great!  Gave me some support just seeing her.  Then there was another that had mostly pepper, but a good amount of white too.  I'm not sure how my hair sizes up to either of those ladies.  I'm hoping to love my new hair.  I know that I will love the feel of my natural hair and the shine.  If it's not shiny because of the gray, I'm planning on using a glossing treatment.  

I do find myself wonder more about what others will think of me going gray.  I'm always the one that makes sure my hair looks good in the morning.  I take pride in my hair, makeup (although minimal) and how I dress.  I don't like to dress my age, but I am not distasteful at all.  I dress for comfort.

Anyway...on with my journey...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My journey...week 2

My hair needs a blog of it's own... just rinsing my hair isn't working.  I'm back to using my non sulfate cleansing product (still not shampoo though).  I decided that I'll tackle one journey at a time.  That, and the fact that I'm training for a half marathon, which causes my head to sweat has caused me to abandon the No Poo idea.  Right now as I'm typing after a 3 mile morning run, I can feel the sweat dripping.  Can't wait to wash it.  

My roots are coming in slowly.  Funny how when I was coloring them, they seemed to grow in so fast, but now it's like watching a pot boil.  I like what I'm seeing though.  My gray is glistening white.  I have a lot of dark too.  It's still not easy to determine what percentage of white I have, but I do like that it's like my mom had as far as the shade of grey being more white.  I still think I'll be more dark than white though...for now.  I was thinking that I'm glad I'm doing this now rather than waiting until I'm in the 70s as my mom did.  As much as I love it when people can't believe I'm a grandmother and can't believe that I'm 53, I'm looking forward to people not making a fuss over it.  I sometimes feel funny when others my own age compare themselves.  With my natural hair, maybe I'll look closer to my age. 

So far.....