Friday, February 3, 2012

Decision has been made....

No, I'm not planning on coloring my hair.  I've decided today that I'm going to grow my hair longer again.  Once again I let my big brother get to me.  He told me that a picture I posted on Facebook made me look like I was in my 60s.  I'm just a little over 5 years away from that number, but I really didn't think that I look it.  Maybe I'm starting to look my age.  

Anyway, that comment did get me to update the after picture to a more flattering one.  I first one that I posted was kind of a test of my vanity.  No makeup...wrinkles and all.  I was doing ok...till today.  

Here's today's picture...
This was taken tonight after work.

Here's the after picture from the original post.
Okay, so my winkles show...I am 54. 

I sent today's picture to my brother and asked him, "better?"  His response, "You want the truth?"  Oh well...what can a sister do?

My decision wasn't made because of my brother's comment, though.  While looking through my pictures to decide what to post, I saw pictures of me with long hair.  Granted, my hair was dyed to a darker color, but still, I liked the length.  So, now my blog will record my grow-out...with the gray.