Thursday, September 1, 2011

Convertibles and gray hair

As the summer turns to Fall, the temperature is perfect for driving with my ragtop down.  Today, driving home from work, I glanced at my hair.  My hair shimmers in the sun!  I am still embracing my gray, or rather my white, hair, but there is a lot!!! 

Today's part was in my normal dyed hair spot on the right side.  This is where most my white shines.  It's much more noticeable when I part it there and I find I part my hair more lately on the left.  Although I'm okay with the white, I still find I want it less noticeable.  Little by little I'm making the shift from being 'okay with the white' to 'loving the white' by day.
My plan is to keep it cut as it is now.  My second cut since my decision was about an inch shorter than the first time.  I wonder, though, will I go really short?  It crosses my mind.  Funny, last year I was growing it long long long.  I do miss being able to twist it up with a stick, but I'll be able to do that next summer...if I don't chop it all off that is.  I can't wait for my natural colored curls!!!

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