Saturday, August 20, 2011

Curly or straight

Yesterday I decided to blow my curly hair straight.  Since it's shorter now, it was a breeze.  I received complements throughout the day.  Curly does hide the skunk line better than straight, but I'm at about 75% don't care mode.  There is still some vanity when it comes to my roots though.  

I'm loving the colors that are coming in.  I was concerned that there would just be white sprinkled throughout, but I see chunks of white.  I think it's going to look like a frosting once it's all in.  I'm loving the shorter hair too.  I miss my long hair, but there will be time for it.  It's been nice running with shorter hair too...especially in the summer.

I still have a long way to go though.  

Notice the frosted look?

The other side has less white and I find myself parting it there with a zigzaggy part.  

Anyway...even though I am loving the colors that are coming in, I still worry about looking older.  I have always been proud of looking younger than I am.  I'm hoping I'm still happy with the colors when all the dye is cut off.

Till the next inch...or sooner...

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