Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21, 2011 -- slowly but surely....

The gray is coming in slowly but surely.  I find that I'm noticing more and more gray heads.  I even noticed a man that stopped dying his hair recently and he admitted it when I asked.  Lucky for him, though, he keeps his hair short so his grow-out was a haircut or two. 

I saw two women in the hall at work as I was walking by.  They each had a different shade of gray.  On my way back to my desk these women were still there talking, so I politely interrupted them.  Not that interrupting is ever really polite....but as soon as I stated that the reason for the interruption was to ask them about their hair, their expression lit up.  They were happy to share their experience with me.  It's like I've recently joined a new club.  

I sing with a Sweet Adaline's chorus, The Virginia Coast Chorus.  There are women in my chorus that have went through this transition too.  It's fun to hear other women share their gray experience.  

I've found that some partings show more gray (or white) than others.  A middle part would show a lot of white, if I parted my hair in the middle, as would some left and right partings.  At slightly lower left or right partings, there is more dark than white.  I had one woman tell me that my hair seems less white this week than it did a couple weeks ago.  It must be the way I parted it that day. 

Maybe I'm not as gray as I'm expecting.  Here's today's part..sort of zig zaggy...

 This would be the center...there is a lot more white there...

Not much at the hairline there.

Next time, I'll have better light for pictures.

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