Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finishing up my second week

My gray still isn't that noticeable yet.  It's been about a month...give or take a week since I last dyed my hair.  I'm going to say...May 6....that as good a date as any other.
I find myself noticing all the women and men for that matter at are gray.  I want to ask them about their transitions.  There was young 30ish woman in the elevator at work with a lot of gray...more on the salt then the pepper.  She looked great!  Gave me some support just seeing her.  Then there was another that had mostly pepper, but a good amount of white too.  I'm not sure how my hair sizes up to either of those ladies.  I'm hoping to love my new hair.  I know that I will love the feel of my natural hair and the shine.  If it's not shiny because of the gray, I'm planning on using a glossing treatment.  

I do find myself wonder more about what others will think of me going gray.  I'm always the one that makes sure my hair looks good in the morning.  I take pride in my hair, makeup (although minimal) and how I dress.  I don't like to dress my age, but I am not distasteful at all.  I dress for comfort.

Anyway...on with my journey...

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